Sight-Seeing 2015 Sets

Since some Bionicle sets have appeared in some Targets, people have now gone on the hunt for the new 2015 sets. Post here if you got some info, seen some sets, etc…


I would have checked yesterday.

But we were in a rush.

And my shoe was mysteriously suctioning to every hard surface it touched.


There is a force out there existing only to stop us from finding these sets.


After watching TTV’s video about how target released some new Bionicle sets early I thought I would make this topic. This topic is for fans to tell us about their hunting experinces while looking for Bionicle 2015 sets at major retailers.

So in that me and by brother Chronicler searched at the local target store together and to our disappointment we found nothing Sigh but we then thought hey since were at it we should try at other stores so we decided to check ToysRus, Walmart and Fred Myers and alas we found non. But I did notice there were less Hero Factory sets available on the shelves of every store. They must be trying to sell the rest of Hero Factory before Bionicle’s new wave comes in. Now I drove all over the place and found not one Bionicle set but I felt like I had to get something for my effort so I bought my very first hero factory set, mostly to get used to the new CCBS system and get peices for my Tahu moc. I am looking forward to hunting once again for the new sets sometime soon with my brother Chronicler.


This is a good idea, glad somebody put this up what with the recent searching that’s been going on.
I checked my closest Toys R Us in late November and didn’t see them there, then was told they wouldn’t be on the shelves until January, so as far as that goes I don’t think I’ll be getting them early from TRU. However, I have yet to check Target.


I went to Target and Toys “R” Us today in search of the 2015 BIONICLE sets but to no avail. The Target I went to didn’t even have the sets in their storage area. However, I did find this advertisement at Toys “R” Us.


I’m heading over to a super target later today, let’s all hope I have better success than the rest of you.


I thought I already made a topic for this.

I went to my local target yesterday, nothing. I’m sure all of us are thinking “somewhere nearby, those sets are lying in wait…” XD


My mom checked the TRU and Target in Dallas, and then we checked both stores where I live… no dice.

Man, I really wish we could have found BIONICLEs

I just went to the target my my work and nothing but I plan to go to the two other near me

Welp. Didn’t see any Bonikles at my target, didn’t see little to any HF though.


I checked, my local Target didn’t have them, but they DID finally get Minifigures Series 12 =P

If I ever get a chance to go to my nearest Toys R Us, I will call ahead to see if there are any in stock. I have a friend who works there, and he might be able to get some out of the back storage for me if I ask nicely, lol.

There are two Target stores in my general area. Both were a bust. At one though, there weren’t many LEGO sets in general. A few City sets, one Hero Factory set, and a few Super Hero sets.

And bzp has been using those posters as prizes. :stuck_out_tongue: Now anyone can get one it looks like. :smile:


In my never-ending story hunt for BIONICLE 2015, I went to my closest LEGO store. And, news:

The LEGO Store in Chandler, AZ will be getting a ■■■■■■■■ soon, and the sets will be on the shelves on Dec. 29. But, the guy my dad was talking to wasn’t sure if they would be getting ALL of the sets.

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I looked at my local Target. The only constraction set they had was Furno’s Jet Machine.


That is the lamest ever.


I finally got both the Protector of Jungle and Protector of Stone. Found them @ Target with Chronicler.