Sigma, Chinika's Creator

This is Sigma, Sigma is the Older brother of Tapaka (The little guy in the Skeleton mask) Who is seen in one of the pictures. He also Created Chinika with Tapaka’s help of course. Tapaka and Sigma never make something without each other.

the first few Photos aren’t in centre

I know i had to shoot it with my Laptop cause after i shot pics of Chinika with my camera my camera died


i don’t know where to start…

the background reminds me of my setup, but on shag carpet.

the build is lackluster, and overall meh.

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The build seems a bit messy and doesn’t flow well. The color scheme is incoherent.

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I like the build itself, it’s maybe a little spindly, but the whole concept is cool!

Keep it up!

You do know you can crop photos, right?

Actually one last detail him and tapaka are Half angel and half Demon that is the reason his color scheme looks like that.

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It doesn’t get the idea across correctly, given how random the orange placement is.

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Ok, so looking at it again, the asymmetry really doesn’t work, since it falls in the awkward area between ‘intentionally asymmetry’ and the ‘asymmetry for small details’. Basically it looks as if it wants to be symmetrical, but it isn’t.

Well uh…

The asymmetry doesn’t work well here.

The spike-things coming out of the shoulders re pretty random, shouldn’t be on the MOC itself.

Color scheme is a bit odd.

Part placement seems to be pretty iffy.

And the background really needs to be cleaned up.

It’s overall decent though.

I have updated him and you will look for it i made the spikes more practical as now they are in a row of four

How many masks of control do you have

1 i got it with Umarak
Pics are updated you can look at it now

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I misread it as chinka and thought, we’ll that’s racist
Looks good, the 2 colors kinda clash a little but looks pretty good

This was three months later. Why are people still replying to these old posts?

Because we can