Sikietris The Nictropo

Ok lets start with Concept, I started out the build with the torso in which I was quite proud of because I was able to give it a good amount of articulation using a piston on the back to keep the torso from flopping around. Ive had a lot of hesitation on how the legs would look because I couldn't figure out a good look for the moc. Before I came out with Sikietris (and if you don't know how to pronounce her name its Sigh-key-tris) I was going to make an Anriel V2 which ill post just "Anriel" sometime later. So after a lot of thinking I scrapped Shyla (which I don't think many of you will care) and my reason for that would have been all the system parts which went most to the wings. Speaking of wings, when I was working on the wings I wanted a straight down look so I started with the base and kept on going from their. The name was something that popped to mind so theres that.

The story behind this moc is Sikietris is a scout that well, scouts. Her home is unknown but her species is a Nictropo, a species of bird like people. I can't really say much more because she is new and haven't had to much time to think about story. Which I care more about the Moc and concept and ideas than story.



Interesting! The blend of bricks and CCBS is unusual, but looks really good! I'd recommend trying to bring a little more red or white into the front of the torso since black seems to be more of an underlayer colour, and maybe bringing some more trans-yellow into the build somewhere to compliment the mask.

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Looks interesting, but he's maybe just a tad too thin. He looks good, but my personal preferences force me to tell everyone who makes a lanky MOC to bulk it up!

its a girl, but i see what your saying

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This is awesome!