Silas, Honourable King

Due to lack of interest in my moc series, I am discontinuing it. I will still post my self moc later on. I have scrapped most of the other mocs in the series though.

I felt that if I took the photos on my porch on a sunny day, the quality would be better. I was wrong…

I also needed a setting, so I threw in a custom skeleton and flag. The skeleton is only supposed to be viewed from one angle, so it is (pun intended here) very bare-bones. The idea is that this used to be some sort of archer…

The flag is also just a tacked on moc for the setting.

With the actual figure in the moc, the axe and shield are also kinda tacked on, the sword is the only weaopn I am displaying this moc with (outside of these pictures). This guy doesn’t really have a backstory, I just kinda built the moc around the piece I use for the head, which is a custom build. Here is the head:

Here are the figure’s weapons/accessories:

And finally, here is the figure itself:

And here is the action feature:

I am going to find a way to get a better picture of the head, when I do it will be posted here:


I like the weapons and head. The rest of the build is fairly standard, but it’s fine for what it is. Good job, overall.

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Yeah, sady you just don’t get the comic-bookish feel I was going for with technic. Probably by version 3.0 I will have those kinks worked out. Version 2.0 will be out soon.

By “soon” I mean sometime this decade…

You appear to use back lighting for a lot of these photos, which isn’t a good idea if you want us to see the moc. If it were one photo meant to make it look cool then it’s not a bad idea, but if you want us to look at the moc in general then you need a better lighting source.

You should either use a lamp or move the picture setting to where the sun strikes the front of the moc (or anything you want to photgraphi) or even flash if you have it.

I really don’t have a studio set up for mocs. Thanks for the lighting advice.

My only cameras are my laptop’s camera and my flip phone’s (because I really don’t like smart phones) camera. I have no idea how to upload photos from the flip phone to my computer though.