Silmeria: the Red Baron (fixed)

So, me and my friend Shane talked stuff out and settled in something that he likes and that you guys will like. He is now more of a warrior with psychological problems caused by haunting memories of the tragic and sad events of his early life. He still is a master of martial arts and carries around his gauntlet and scythe. As for the moc, I made his waist and legs longer to match the length of the arms.
<imgsrc="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/b/e/be036a596b25f402959e947ddc983288fc639450.jpg" width=“300” height=“500”>
The cape is not cannon in his story, I just thought it would be a cool addition to the moc and go with this pose.

The newest addition are his legs. Specifically the lower legs.

Again, modified versions of CallanLoF’s leg design, they are more boot-like and do a much better job than the CCBS shell pieces on the last version. Here’s a back view of them.

The skrall armour on the back ankles adds to the boot look in my opinion. Anyways, the upper legs are just inika limbs and inika shoulder armour. The waist was extended using a longer CCBS limb, and armour was added on the butt.

No change to the upper torso as all are satisfied with it, and no change made to the arms either except new CCBS shells on the shoulders.

Well that’s all the improvements I’ve made. Now for some action poses!

Showing off his new legs! src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/f/4/f4026d32e00f4c30fa30cf10399797c599b407bd.jpg" width=“300” height=“500”>
I put some red bushings on the length of the axle on his scythe, and two red balljoints on the end of it.

And of course, his signature pose:

I just realized something, I haven’t really done any full body shots with his new proportions!
Here you go!

Side shot. Really shows you how thick his legs are. #never missed leg day!

Well that’s it! Hope you like the new upgrades! I’ll be posting the new Ampere soon, just you wait and see! Until next time, bye! P.S. My “studio” is currently unavailable, sorry bout’ that. Had to shoot these on my bathroom floor. I will redo these if you guys want me to.


Well a Giant Pro is the MEGA MAN X Legs

I really like the lower legs, and the lower arms. not sure about the rest of it. But noice.

he’s lookin alright, but a little thin at the waist

The lower legs are really good, but the upper torso looks a bit elongated.

This is a really great looking MOC. I really like the build, and the sword on his forearm is awesome. :smile:

What part of the waist? Where his thighs connect?

@PekekoaOfJungle thanks man, I really appreciate that you like it!

@RaptorTalon why don’t you like it? I think he looks ok.

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Well, the arms are long, and the upper arms are bland. the upper legs are super skinny and bland. and I think he could use some shoulder armor, his current torso looks…off.

The lower part of the torso is odd, the green is out of place, or needs more, and the thighs could be fleshed out some. But I can see good things coming from this!

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