Sir Caliphate (Lava Beast revamp)

Aww yea new phone, new camera

“With Umarak gone, someone will have to take the role of alpha. And someone’s got to take care of that mask maker…”

Well here he is. The new leader of The Shadow Horde


he looks better in person I swear

But the question lies, WHO IS THIS MAN?!?

He’s a part of my Bionicle G2 headcannon. After the distruction of Umarak at Shadow’s Basin at the hands of the toa, remaining Shadow Horde retreated into the caves of The Region of Earth and set up refuge there. Makuta who still had some influence on the world evolved one of the Lava Beasts to lead the horde. This beast who became known as Caliphate was blessed with enhanced intelligence, knowledge of military tactics, and a British acsent.

  • Maniacal laughing *
    Personality wise he loves so scheme and plot and watch his army raise Okoto to the ground. Although he is always thwarted by Ekimu every time they confront each other. He has quite the ego believing that he is the smartest and most diabolical being on the island. Also just as something cute I thought that when his body takes to much damage he “poofs” leaving his mask/face behind. Like what happend in Jto but more like Steven Universe.


If you saw the teaser from my last moc you could see that the arms were connected to the torso with foot peices. I received some criticism for it so after some experimenting I changed it and now I’m happy with the result. If there was anything I could change right now it would be making some internal parts black to fit the colorcheme.
Another thing that I did with this guy and my other beasts (before I used them for parts) is try to give them some mouth articulation. It’s not great but this is how I did it:

You can also hold down the back of the head to hold his mouth open

If thou want to keep it open than you can use a short ccbs bone in the ball socket to hold it

As for were he fits on the timeline, he was built after Unorthodox.

And now because I can I’ll add some more misc pictures. Enjoy!

What could this be!? A stand!?

I don’t even know

Who will be next times moc? This ones long overdue, I present:


Why is he hugging hand sanitizer.



I’m confused



Don’t judge their love.


It’s all part of the plan

I really want to use this as the name of that shore now.

Caliphate is pretty interesting himself, but I would like to see him with wings like the original Lava Beast had.

The other Beasts, even though they’re not the focus, are really rad, honestly. They seem like stylized/simplistic versions of themselves, and I think they really work.

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Taking pelvic thrusts to a whole new level I see.


This looks great. British lava beast

Most impressive, dude.

There isn’t a lot to be said about Quake and Storm; the textures are a bit strange, and I frankly liked their visual complexity; but man, Sir Caliphate is fantastic! Extraordinary creativity in the MOC definitely helps, but I think that I like your sense of humor in posing him even more. And that’s saying a lot.


In all seriousness I really like this MOC! It’s just so…fantastic!

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How low can you go?


Well f no one else will…