Sir Knight

Sir Knight, master of a sword and shield.

From the noble land of Knighton, and not to be confused with the other Sir Knights It’s a very popular name

Comes complete with 2 illegal connections!

He is fairly well covered, even under the cape

Up close on the shield:

Torso build:

The eyes are created by holding a transparent 3-length ccbs shell against the mask, which means the side profile is a little wonky, and the narrow head build doesn’t really help.

Though the Kentis helmet covers most of it, and it allows for light to get to the eyes:

Just have to be careful of the exo-force arms with the ninjago blades, they might get bent if the arms go in too far.


Looks nice but I feel there’s one too many colors.

nice shield design.

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If you want to have slightly more natural light piping with Knight’s Kindom helmets, you can connect them to a HF Brain Attack head with one of thse L-shaped double axles

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