Sirarakan the countess of spiders (Arachne moc)

I said I was going to make a harpy but it didn't work out too well soooo......

Spiders are pretty cool

She has a weapon crafted from the spine of a creature she has once devoured, the spinal pike, many who have seen it claim to hear faint noises and notice it's jeweled eyes glow

It's sharp end can fold out to be used more like a hook

This Moc was actually really fun to make though some parts are still a little bit fragile, standing her on her legs can often lead to her falling over and her waist can just completely detach when she actually does fall over but I think she's got a good size and firmness to her


This is very cool. I like what you did for the head instead of the normal 4 eyed fanged thing. It really brings the royal look to this moc.

I think I should have used the longer normal CCBS plate though since the paw looks a little big

hm. a Drider-type moc


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It reminds me of Queen Beast, but a lot cooler. GJ, my friend.


This would be the best spider MoC I've ever seen

If Shadowgear had never made Obelisk.

This is still really good, though.

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I've gotta step it up then

I'm LoSS'd for words, mate.


She's dang impressive! Is she only CCBS or mixed with OBS (Old Bionicle System)?

almost 100% CCBS other than some technic parts for the upper torso

Even more imressive! smile

the spider part was actually just two medium CCBS torsos slapped together

The only thing I don't like is the HF Claw Fist thingy placed untop of the head. Any other reasonably sized piece would've done a better job in my opinion.
But everything else looks great! I liked the creative use of the Brain Attack visage on the staff, and the well defined abdomen.
Splendidly done.

Your perfect as you are.

Just in case it gets looked at, Sirarakan got a little upgrade awhile ago


Nirvana has been achieved.

It's... so... FLUFFY.

I like it, and the Head-piece looks much better.

The colors, weapons, and concept definitely remind me of @Shadowgear6335's Obelisk MOC. Great job, man!