Sisters of The Skrall MOCs

So… My third mocs. I made them together and they and I just remade them. They basically have the same builds, but now, the leader has no weapon and the guard has a staff (thanks @king328) and I have taken better quality photos. Sorry for complications. I also put a black cloak on the guard.

Note: The gear function and posable hip in the larger one is still intact.
Almost forgot: the gear function in action;

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The pics don’t allow me to make a good judgement, better quality pics could help a lot.

While these MOCs make some really good use of hard-to use G1 pieces, they don’t quite work with the sisters of the scrap, who only carry weapons if they are guards, and then it’s a staff. The first one is a bit cluttered as well. I like the functions and ideas you put into them, though. Good job!

I remade the guard and took a little bit nicer pictures. Sorry.

No need to apologize, it’s your work! It doesn’t have to fit the canon if you want.

I don’t really know what to think. It looks pretty good, I guess.

The MOCs look rather cluttered, and I really don’t like the uncovered Metru head. Although kudos to you for keeping a consistent color scheme.

The photos are a bit blurry and the smaller one is a bit basic. However, the other one does have some interesting design choices

Sorry about the photos. However, the small one is mentioned to be basic.