Skakdi: Venox

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DISCLAIMER: This story line is meant to be a spin off of the original story line. I pulled inspiration from the G1 story, but did not follow it precisely.

Venox, in essence, is a Piraka, or rather, he is a distant member of the Skakdi race. After the fall of Voya Nui, the Skakdi scoured their surroundings to find shelter. Their race had almost become extinct, due to the battle between them and the Toa Inika. Thousands of years of evolution and cross breeding had mutated the Skakdi into something quite different and quite more peaceful. Along with the this race, the island of Metru Nui had also evolved. The locals had come to call it "Okoto". The Skakdi, however, no longer worked for Makuta, and instead roamed independently through the different regions, causing no trouble, and making no enemies. Now, the Toa have returned. When the Skakdi hear of this, they become infuriated with the rage of their ancestors. They would stop at nothing to defeat the toa and retrieve the mask of time.

Venox has claimed the role of leader over these beasts. His frequent travel throughout the elemental regions of Okoto have brandished him a diverse mix of colors across his hide. He and his team knew that they would need an intense upgrade in order to face the six new Toa. They formed their armor themselves in the fires of Ekimu's forge. Venox now bears the cape of his ancestor, Vezon, and new, incredibly strong armor.

The rage of the Skakdi hoard changed them. Their anger had returned and they had grown in size and power. Venox had such an energy flowing through him that he had developed pulsating green blotches across his shoulders and down his back. The more rage he feels, the larger these growths become. He had become deformed with long, asymmetrical, jagged nails on his fingers and large spikes and scales growing around his body.

Primary Color: Silver.
Element: Various.
Favorite Environment: Fire Realm.
Powers: Heat Vision; Telepathic communication with others of his kind; Acid Breath.
Primary Weapon: Powerful Claws.
Signature Moves: Skull Crush; Melt.


Um what decades of battle?
Anyway cool. I like skakdi moc.

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Just a question. After reading the first bit of the story I have to ask something:
You are aware the only skakdi that were on Voya nui where the six Piraka. The skakdi species didn't invade... or is this in a alternate g2 universe. Guess I'll read on...

Alternate universe smile

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Ok that makes a lot more sense... cool.