Skála warrior of earth

When the earth tribe heard about the hostile takeover of the island they were reluctant to help. Living underground and occasionally selling fine ore to surface dwellers surprisingly doesn’t get you very popular. The earth tribe was sparred for most of the take over. Although the time came when troops marched into the city of the deep and started to raid and kill. With there city taken over by Vrah bohů and his men . the chiefs finally send there only remaining warrior above ground to join a small resistance group. Skála a light spirited member of the earth tribe was trained his whole life to be a warrior unfortunately his attitude of not caring and doing little to nothing didn’t help him past the tests. being the last warrior of the earth tribe he is now the best warrior they have. Now he needs to ditch the lazy aspects and negative aspects of his personality and learn to work as a team

there is the original version he is the revamp
My onua master of earth is arriving soon so I will add more purple when it arrives but besides that there is nothing I need to say except that c&c is greatly appreciated. Have a exceptional day


lts a pretty good moc but the legs look pretty short


I like the original better, the new one just seems… a but to bulky around the chest and way to different for a revamp. It looks like a completely new character

This revamp is a great improvement in my opinion, especially with the new color palette, however I feel the lower torso is a little bulky.


How to dress up an inika torso 101


??? This is a completely costom torso

the only inika things I used where the feet and main chest plate armour

I mean’t in regard to the armour piece, otherwise I would’ve said inika build, sorry for the confusion


It looks nice
The only thing I don’t like is that the legs are a bit short and kind of make the torso look too tall

Onua 2015 done wrong with porportions

That’s kinda the point…

Overall. I say this is a great revamp. Maybe incorporate Mata faces /s. I really like the build on this.