SkeleTahu: Tester of Light

So, recently I’ve tried to update my “studio.” What I was doing previously was taking pictures of bionicles next to a bathroom wall, due to everything in there being white as heck. In my latest creation, Ssashen, I “upgraded” that by draping a gray sheet over the wall and floor, and using a laptop screen to shed some light on it. After that I wanted to experiment more, so I took a moc I wasn’t planning on featuring - this guy - and used him.

The new “upgrade” in thes next few pictures is me shining a bright flashlight at the toilet to disperse the light. Weird, but it works.

In some of these pictures, you may have noticed the patch of light on the floor. That’s the sun coming in from the window, so I took advantage of that too.


Hmm. This tahu is edgy… he has large guns in each hand… he’s unoriginal… aah! Reaper pose.

Another dumb pose.

Oi m8 am i doin thar pelvic thrast riyt

And here I turned off the flashlight and pulled back the computer.

So, in the last few pictures, I changed spots to a room with a very large window, and only natural light. I wanna know which you guys think is better.

In this picture and the first picture, I was playing around with focus.


So, if anyone wants to know anything about the moc itself… I do have kind of a backstory. In my universe, Tahu was killed. Like, really quickly. First toa down. Boom roasted. Anyways, thousands of years later, a powerful necromancer learned of the original prophecy, and brought him back to life.
The reason tahu has dual pistols is because my g1 tahu that I built back in… like… 2010 I think… had these exact pistols. I never got rid of them. So, it brought back memories.
Anyways, that powerful necromancer is the previous moc I made, who is working for the moc I made 2 mocs before him, but I changed him, and… ugh. Nvm. Here’s a picture to sum it up.

Anyways, I don’t want that much feedback on the moc itself (sure, make a remark or two… a good “man, tahu looks boned” won’t hurt) but I mostly want advice on the lighting and camerawork. I’m still just using my phone.
EDIT - fixed title and clarified a few things


I really like this guy!

lol me too. Specifically on top of the toilet bowl :stuck_out_tongue:

Natural light works better IMO

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That’s one I haven’t tried yet, but a good idea. Maybe I’ll look into it.

I agree, but it’s also less reliable.

ALSO, if you click on some images, it shows you more than what is there

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Do you think you could take a bigger picture of the whole setup with the sheet and the laptop? I want to try it for myself

Sure thing… even though from what I’ve seen of your setup, yours is better.

Everything in terms of lighting is gonna be harder to notice due to this being in the morning, but eeh.

Lighting from laptop

Shining at the toilet

Light with flashlight-toilet

How I prop it up

So, the lighting with the flashlight and the toilet is much better, but it’s a bit harder to tell with the natural light in here as well. Still, hope this helped!


I like this MOC.
But I can’t help of think of this when I look at it:

(I couldn’t find the full image)

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is it ok if i use your lower leg designs? I will of course give you credit for the design.

here ya go

also this Moc is amazing
I love the dual Pistols with the slight changes
and the overall design is great

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With credit given, of course!
Do you want me to take it apart and show you exactly what it is? Or did you figure that out already?

I really love the way you presented this MOC. It is also a good MOC.

reminds me:

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Wolf showed me that animation last week.

So good.

MOC’s pretty aight man. Not sure how this is Tahu, but it looks really posable and I can’t deny that something about the presentation is quite excellent.

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Hah, I know, right? (I’m sorry if I’m getting too off-topic now.)

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