Skeltair, Nyran's Bandwagony Self-Mixel

So yeah. I wished that I could be like the Cool Kids, so I made a thing, and then decided to call it a Self-Mixel.

I call the tribe Skull Stalkers, and this one Skeltair.

Here he is compared to a minifig. Zane ZX in this case.

With three other Mixels. The Wiztastics. I think I made him too big. I dunno.

And here he is next to Toa Nyran. So yeah. I think he came out well.

Tell me what you think and such.


Why are mixels a thing?!?


I think the better question is: "Why are you so baffled and annoyed by their existence?"


Their kinda cute.

Very nice well rounded design.

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I was once at the movie theater, watching previews.
A preview for the mixels TV show came on. It looked more kiddie than Barney.
Like... The kind of show that insulted your intelligence. Also the animation looked worse than Johnny Test.
Then I saw the Lego sets. They look like the new bad guys at the ending of the Lego Movie.
I can't stand it.
It's like when they changed the names from entermate to perform pal in Yu-Gi-Oh.


I really like it. Did you use the black Exo-Force arms out of need, or to make the wings look less out of place? Either wasy, for some reason, I like the contrast.

The latter is correct. I also like the idea of vestigial limbs, less developed from the others.

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Nah. It's a Self-Mixel, you have a right to make him a tad larger.

Really creative design. I'm pretty impressed.

(no not because we both have Undead Self-Mixels)

EDIT: @Nyran, any chance of more of these Skull Stalker fellows? I have a project behind the scenes to talk about later with all the fellows on here with Self-Mixels, and you're on my list.


Yah, I just haven't been able to get more. Gotta get some more eyes and then hopefully I'll be able to pump out the other two: Lepbronesy and Vertebrei.


Neat. I'll PM you and @Helryx08 later wink