Sketches I guess

Pretty much, this is how I draw myself. Also the only one to be on my actual sketchbook…

So I created a character bent on dominating the world. Once he’s a foot taller.

And finally, a bored Zacharie (the merchant from OFF when he actually becomes involved in the plot)


I like monitor-face man. He cool.
I would say more, but I know absolutely nothing about art and critiquing it. I like em, they’re pretty neat! :smiley:

Chainsaws solve everything.

Where is there a chainsaw?

######that’s a mini-gun…

I thought that too!

Heh. Off.

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I like the second drawing a lot, it’s very comical


*slinks away slowly *


these are cool, the second one is my favorite :smile:

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Well, that was the aim of it. Mission accomplished!