Skraal v0.1

I’ve been working on this Moc for almost a year.

This is still a wip project


You compared it on a ruler, but I can’t see the exact height, how big is this thing exactly?

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On the img 82 cm could probably get another cm if i put the legs more closely together.


But also wow…

This looks gruesome, but amazing at the same time, excellent work!


I was about to say the limbs need improvement.

The head came out pretty nice with the row of teeth and souless eyes.

Hope to see the body adjusted for a better result.

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Hello nightmares my old friend… oh how i wish that this thing… nevermind.

Anyway, this is an awesome moc, color scheme is unique and adds to the creep factor, and those teeth… ugghuhhhh sends shivers down my spine

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Work in project project? Outside of that an impressive scale.

Work in progress? :laughing:

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I’ve had it wrong my whole life…


this is amazing! usually big mocs get too complex and messy but not this one! id just make the fore arms a little bigger though

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Wow. If iI had to say anything, the limbs are a bit thin and the torso gets quite a bit thicker at the bottom. The head is amazing and somehow you successfully pulled off a big MoC. It’s really nice.

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It’s as if a Sharkticon got ripped.