Skrillus, lord of randomness

skrillus, lord of randomness

it was a normal day in the town of orderly when a tall, dark figure appeared. he looked there orderlyness and thought to himself "this is disgusting" he used his powers of random to make the small little town as random as possible. he shot random words in the sky, made dogs walk humans, and put flaming ducks in the street. yet, it was still orderly. the flaming ducks merely jumped into water, the words were shot down by missiles, and the dogs walking humans......lest just say that the dogs took the place of man. skrillus looked on in confusion. no other town had withstood his power of randomness. but this one had. he decided that no matter the cost, he would make it random. he turned their cars into giant cats, he turned buildings into giant toilets, and turned roads into rivers. he thought he had succeeded in making it random. but it was not so. the rivers were filled in, they bought new cars and destroyed the toilets, then built new buildings. then, a knight of orderly approached him. "your under arrest for using the power of random" "HA!" "i am the lord of random, and no one can defeat me!" they then had a heated battle, but in the end the knight of orderly won, and threw skrillus in a cell "well, crud" skrillus then said. THE END