Skull Army Origins (Anniversary Contest Entry)

Before they came under the control of Kulta, what were the members of the members of the Skull army? Where did they come from?


The Skorpus were a warrior clan, who guarded the Villages of Stone from creatures and foes too difficult for the protectors to handle. The legendary Mask of Stone was created for their leader, by Ekimu, and he wore it until the clan's demise, as they fell to the hordes of Skull Spiders. Two statues in their image now guards the shrine of the Mask of Stone, for ever watching over it, until a worthy owner should come.

The Skull Slicer

In the arena of the ancient city, no warrior could match the power and agility of the Skull Slicer. After he saved city from an attack by wild bull creatures, he was gifted the Mask of Jungle by Ekimu, which he used to protect the people of the city, until he fell to the Lord of Skull Spiders.


The lines are very it possible to re-outine them with a darker pencil, or perhaps colour them?

Other then that, they look nice, reminiscent of Egyptian carvings.


Okay, Slicer is in color now. I haven't had time to do Skorpus yet

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