Skull Basher, Guardian of the Gate (revamp)

I saw the purple ribcage,and decided to make this. Enjoy.


The only thing about this I don’t like is the lack of horns…


If it had horns, it’d be perfect.

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The horns were some of his defining features, it would be nice to have them.


It doesn’t really look like Skull Basher

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A pretty simple MoC.

I will try to fix some of these issues you have, horns will be added soon. Thanks for the criticism, more posts soon.


I find your lack of horns… disturbing.


The pictures are pretty blurry… From what I can see It’s pretty basic, though I can’t say I like the double weapons.

The weapons are pretty neat.

V2 is almost finished, the reason it’s simple is because don’t own any g1 parts yet, and have limited amount of parts. He does have custom lower legs, and the lighting is bad because it was cloudy outside when I took pictures( my window is my source of lighting) . also, I’m a fairly new new to mocing. V2 will get rid of the sword and will have a shield instead. Also, he will have… HORNS!!! Update soon, then my self moc will be shown next! See you soon.


It looks alright for being so simple looking, but it doesn’t really remind me of Skull Basher, mostly because it lacks the horns.

@Oniwah he will have fixed cons in v2, but I can’t post right now due to weather, which affects my lighting.

V2 is here, and I love it!

So, what do you think? I love the mask, the idea was to make it worn down from all of the years of decay. And, he has horns!!! Hope you enjpyed!


Much better!
I really like this.

Thanks, I appreciate it, just wait for skull warrior though, he’s almost done, and is a BEAST

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It doesn’t really capture the feel of the original skull basher. But It looks nice