Skull Cowboy/Skeletal Pohatu

If you saw my post in the 2017 Bionicle Jumping the gun topic This is what the skeleton pohatu would look like. This was made from 70785-Pohatu Master of stone and 70794-Skull Scorpio.


I have more images!


Has gears.

Aldrenaline mode


Nice interpretation.


Those bananas seem pretty ripe. You should eat them before they start to rot smile


Really pulls off the decaying vibe quite well.

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He is pretty-

I had a hard time choosing between these 2 masks.

I am thinking about adding some sort of ?jetpack? feature.

I thought i would add more trans yellow pieces on him.

I copied the silver armour on normal Pohatus right arm and used bone pieces to represent it.

Thats all for now!

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I think you captured the skeletal look very well. It looks like a dead Pohatu. Good job! smile

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this is 3spooky5 me

nice job

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Dude that scared me when the page loaded up.

Cool. Though them stormerangs look weird.

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When I read this I think of FNAF 1 Bonnie

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This looks cool. Really gets the undead/rotted look across.

I have put red eyes on him.

More poses!

Seem familiar?

-Omega Tahu

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