Skull fisher

during the uprising of the Skull villains,Skull fisher was not interested for battle,so he went fishing. look something's tugging!

Sorry I messed up the pictures,look at them in the order 3,1,4,2,5 of the pictures

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Though simple, I think he looks pretty cool.

I really like this one, I will give you a tip, you can edit your post by clicking on that pencil down on the left of your post

I like how you used the idea of the axe hook and I think he looks good.

I am just wondering what the thing on his back is. It is kind of hard to tell as you can't see the whole thing, and some of the photos are slightly blurry

Sorry I was really shaky, and on his back was a tail to kill the fish

That fish is my favourite part of the MOC

He caught a small fry.


The MOC is more or less a modded Skull Warrior, but I love that beartrap fish.

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