Skull Reaper (Art Book Moc)

Alright, so this is my interpretation of that awesome villain with the sword guns. Someone may have already done this, I don’t know. I named him Skull Reaper because it sounds cool, and his weapons and pose remind me of Reaper from Overwatch. Here he is!

The guns shoot, so that’s a thing. I had to take a few creative liberties with him, due to not having some parts. Well, tell me what you think!


It looks pretty close except for the blades (which I assume you do not have). They might look better if you use ikir blades if you have them.


Blared aside, this is a pretty good representation of what the set might have looked like.

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I don’t have the orange crystal blades, if that’s what you guys mean. Also, the air katanas help fill in the gap between gun and blade pretty well. Thanks!

Well done.

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we’re talking about Breez 4.0’s blades, not the crystal blades.

Ohhh, yeah I definately don’t have those.