Skull spider attack

random artwork


Nice! The corners are a bit washed out (similar to your other pictures). What kind of camera are you using? have you checked to see if the exposure settings are a bit too high? What’s your current lighting set-up?

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i use an old digital camera, Sony i believe, (yuck) but I edit the photo,

editing is kinda ew,but the drawing itself is really good

That villager looks hilariously exhausted

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Hey, Skull Spiders actually doing something!
Nice drawing.

yea i know, my editing isn’t the best

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Do you still have an unedited version of one of your photos? Could you post it?

Also, what kind of edits do you apply?

no sadly i don’t have the original copy, but i can always take another photo, and i usually use the edit options on the window’s 10 photos, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation etc