Skull Spider Guard (new Pictures)

This is the personal guard of the LoSS, and due to his rank he has Metru blue shoulder pads. He can take most blows without a scracht as long as they hit the front of his armpit, and he is vulnerable in the back.
He is smart, but he throws logic out the window as soon as he enters a fight. He does have high strength but he has no "weapon", instead poisoned fangs that he has on his arms.
Please leave a comment and let me know how to improve him. This is a first of mine with the mask used as armor.

It looks like there are shenanigans afoot, let's take a gander and see what we find..


Fangs on his arms? Don't you mean claws? :wink:

This is really cool. It has a very flowing look, and he looks very menacing. He seems a bit colorless (he could use some more color here and there) but he's still really cool.


Actually I am going to go with fangs, gaint mutated spider fangs, he ripped them off the Gaint LoSS, the LoSS's brother.

Seems a little boring, especially with the metallic colors.

It's a standard CCBS MOC, which is fine with me, but the MOC suffers from being very exposed, specifically in the torso. I'd switch to a SW frame, which would eliminate the exposed ball-joints, and also give you some room for back coverage.

The exposed ball joins are acting as bones that were not covered when he was reanimated, and I went with these colors
since the two complement each other and come off as looking like a knight style armor.
And the front arm our is near impossible to breack which is why the back is exposed since that is where he is weak.

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As usual, it's a simple MOC, but the additions really add some character to it. I really like the claws or fangs if you prefer that, my only concern really is that he need some more bulk from the front.

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True, any ideas?

Those open ball joints on the front chest.

Add some armor.

Hey I think you should add more metru blue to make this moc more intresting.
@Sealman133 I think what I said still stands tho.

@Blue_Robots let me try this from a different angle, the metru blues is like a general' (not sure what it is called) uniform, it sets him apart from his men. Those are the blue colors, they show his rank. I built the arm first and that is where the idea sparked from, I build him as silver and gunmetal since those are natural armour colors, and the mix well making the blue stand out.