Skull Spiders vs Krana

yes its time to compare krana to skull spiders.


Krana win hands down. Far more abilities and variety (as far as we know so far) plus krana have more designs and colors


Krana were so much better.
Just sayin'.


Krana obviously. And Bohrok were by far the better insectoid. (I know spiders are arachnids, but I'm comparing them on their buggyness)

Made by @BionicleN17


CausticKrana was sad that he got beat up by a little spidah. See, he's all blue.


Even though they are equally cool-looking, nostalgia and collectability gives it to Krana, hands down.


Krana may have more powers, but that can't exactly move on their own. Just saying...


Gotta love that last bit of the 1812 Overture.

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You know what, this is going to make everyone mad, but I prefer skull spiders over krana. Here are my reasons:

What they are made out of:
Although I like how the Karana are made out of rubber and are durable, I like the CCBS plastic the skull spiders are made out of better. It's stronger and very durable. Plus Krana can bend easily compared to other parts

The playability:
You have to admit, it's pretty dang awesome that the Skull spiders have moving limbs and can be posed. For me it gives them more personality than the krana. And I can't believe I just said that given the Bionicle Lore.

But I will admit that I am irked by the fact that it is near impossible sometimes to get them on a set. Lego could done something to fix that.

And before anyone says anything, I think the Krana are phenomenal. But I just like the Skull spiders better.


but skull spiders are like the krana because they are carried skullspiders can walk and are controlled by loss but krana can talk they are carried by bohrok and is controlled by bahrag so i dont see your argement wait... i dont see the point for this topic call the mods!! @Nyran @MT_Zehvor