Skull Torcher

Meet Skull Torcher guys and gals:

So I saw the pictures of Storm Beast and thought: I like those hands and they could easily be finished... So that is what I did.

What is this guy's story? He is a fire themed skull villain who goes toe-to-toe with another MOC of mine: Akomu, son of Ekimu

Tell me what you guys think. And if you're wondering about the LOSS chest peice... I didn't have any other fitting chest pieces available. But hey, I can make it so this guy has a connection to LOSS. I can make it work. Plus it does fit with the color scheme (in my opinion at least).


So kulta and SB walk into a bar...

Ha now seriously it looks really good, still not a huge fan of the hand designbut at least you filled in the socket!


... And there they met Lava Beast. They decide to form a Kaita togheter.

Back on topic, I like the execution of this moc, looks like it could be a real set. I especially like the hand construction and how those flames come out from his shoulders (even if it's a really simple design).

But I dislike the use of those Technic pieces on the tail, CCBS would look better imho.

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he looks cool but a nimpic I have is his hands look a bit to heavy

Is it weird, that I find those hands the most groovy use of those piece yet. I love the giant hands, it looks like he could bash the moon into a thousand pieces with those things.

Whose SB? Is it Skull Basher?

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Storm beast

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To the creator of this MOC: Kudos to you, but I am sorry that I can only give one kudos to you.



or...his face is his chest :scream:

Anyways, Skull torture torcher looks rad, but the tail looks awkward...


I would probably like this MOC if it wasn't a Skull Villain MOC, but it is, so it's really unoriginal and kinda boring. :confused:


Really? You find it boring? Eh, to each their own.

I like how you made his hands, they look quite menacing. Also is it just me or does the skull villain armor piece make it look like his tail has a tuff of fur on the end of it?

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If you gave it a unique colour scheme and ditched the skull, it'd look a lot better.

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I find it a bit boring too since is not that different from SB, and the scheme and mask just shout Kulta to me. It's not bad but I feel like it would have been more interesting if it tried something different (besides the gearbox) from SB's main build and the generic villain color scheme.

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It's a bit generic and the LoSS face is out of place.

Anything in mind? Don't expect anything soon though because I am low on parts and money right now.

Skull Basher? Did you mean Skull Grinder? Because Skull Basher has noticeable purple in his color scheme.

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Lol no, Storm beast.

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Then you should have said Storm Beast in the first place.

I used SB cause that's what most people call it so they don't type the whole thing....completely forgot Skullbasher had the same initials....

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Maybe make it Trans. Neon Green and Dark Tan and call it Sand Beast or something.