Skullspider Queen (UPDATE) Tirix

This is the updated version of my Rahi Skullspider queen moc, no longer a rahi she is now a monster named Tirix by Tordax the reaper. With that said here is some information.

She was a skullspider queen of the jungle region, after attacking one of Makuta Tordax minions she got chaptured and with the powers tordax has he changed her into a creature of shadows Tirix.

On her back is venom sack where she keeps the eggs of her children.

At the back of her neck one can see a skullspider attached after hatching from its egg, there it stays untill it can fend and hunt for itself, only one egg is hatched every 2 days of the 10th to 20th eggs with in the sack.

She dont only have 2 arms the legs she one's had is now claws that she hide's as armor around her body, they can be used in many ways.

Walking on two legs is not the only thing she can do, she normaly walk on all six insted of her two hine legs as it helps intimidate her preys.
She can also use the skullspider at the back of her neck as a distraction making her opponent belive that she is useing a mask of powers.

Well thats the new skullspider queen hate it? dont care, like it? if so thanks ^^
with that said.


I think this MoC could benefit from some tidying up on the color scheme. It looks like you've got dark red, silver, Keetorange, black, and trans green. If you narrowed it down to just two or three of these colors, I think the MoC would look better.
Aside from that , this doesn't look bad. I like the backstory, and the way you included a baby Skull Spider.


Well the resun for the red piece's is because I dident have white borohk eye's and because the spider eyes are red, + wanted it to look like she had blood on some of her hair. at first I thought of having red teeth insted but changed back to white one's.
thats the only resun I have the red piece's, If I get white borohk eye's I plan to take out all the red, also the green piece's on her arms where meent to be swapped with the black one's something I corrected after I had posted this character,

Hope this Awnsers your current questions. And thanks for liking the moc ^^

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erh... You should probably get rid of the keetorange, and maybe even the trans green.

why? I like the color,

I don't know, just get rid of one color because there are too many.

I am planning to change her colors a little when I get parts for it, though can not say when.
Though i will post the color changed version at the end when I get the colors I want to give her.

K, hoping to see the finished product.

So I made a recoller of this guy and after some time finally took a picture of it, weird though I can not eddit post to add it in so I had to do like this insted.
If any one complains about this then it aint my problem sins I cant eddit my own post any more for some odd resun.
Every orange peice has been changed for solid green one's insted, desided to leave the Blood Red Borhok eye's and the red teeth's
(P.S sorry for the bad taken photo)

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The recolored version looks better than the original color scheme, and is much cleaner, but the use of the LOSS chestplate as a head on both versions is somewhat awkward looking.

Thanks, and yes I know it looks awkward but I wanted to keep the chest plate in some way and this was the only way I felt made it look the best.