SKulta the skull grinding kulta revamp

I wanted to make a kulta that fixed the problems i had with him mainly how small he was while keeping to how the set looks

the spooky scary skeleton
I beefed up him and made him taller so much taller that he had trouble standing so i gave him big double friction ankles and skull spider legs for toes

the set compared to the moc

I let him store the sword and the staff like how he does in the story

I elongated the staff to the point that it is taller than Skulta himself

mask of creation


He's pretty big actually...

-nice looking skeleton
-I like the leg support build
-why is there dark red near his neck?
-Metru limb on the back sticks out

I like it!


Actually the chest add on connects higher than normal so I put the red thing to keep it from wobbling and I actually changed the back so that the Metru limb doesn't stick out.
Anyways thanks for liking it this is my first time revamping and I'm glad you liked it

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Don't care for the black shins, but the torso is very well thought out.

Yeah I don't like the shins either :expressionless: I will probably replace them later with silver or trans red if I can find the size on bricklink

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