Skuron the Skull Tracker

Welcome back my dear friends let us continue the story I’ve been telling since my first topic. Now a lot of people didn’t really like my last M.O.C. ,Skulltarrus. I will admit he is my least favorite of my villains, I still think at least some of the criticisms were at least a little bit stupid. An undead creature has a hollow chest, SO UNREALISTIC.
Anyway now that my little rant is done let me introduce Skuron the Skull Tracker

This is Skuron a member of the race of creatures called Ice Skarites they are roughly equivalent to real-world wolves and took over the northern wastes after the Varritors went extinct thanks to the actions of the villagers.

He has customer front paws to help walk on ice as well as seriously hurt any toa foolish enough to fight him.

The individual you see here was found as a cub by the Dark Master after his parents were killed by Ice Villager hunters. The Dark Master love him as a son and killed all the hunters who had slain his pet’s parents. Their bodies were buried with their Skarite prize.The Dark Master now uses him to track down all his enemies. Skarites never give up on those they are told to track.

Even if their quarry manages to out run him. Skuron can snipe him with his icy stinger tail.
Beware His Stinger Tail!



Anyways, I see what you’re trying to do here, but it could use some work. The back legs should Resemble that of a real life wolf a bit more, and try to slim down the back a bit. The tail attaches at a weird angle, but that’s mostly the fault of posing. Has potential though, and seem interesting.


I like it, but I think it would look better with an actual Skull Creature mask on the head and more silver.

I wasn’t referring to you just for the record. I was talking about this other guy who literally said that my M.O.C. was not realistic cause it had a hollow chest. he deleted that comment though, or was it elljay? I don’t know.
Because a M.O.C. with four arms and horns is looking for realism.

Thanks for the much appreciated criticisms. The reason I didn’t use a skull creature mask was I wanted to make it seem like he was not undead like the others. He’s still alive. It’s the same reason The Dark Master doesn’t have a skull mask himself. Who I intend to reveal today.

Okay, that makes sense.

It looks kinda cluttered, though I have a general idea of what you’re going for.

The usage of the Shadow Trap parts adds some unnecessary bulk and parts like the tail gun sorta look thrown together.

I see the concept but the execution could benefit from some work.

Wow I love this moc

It’s kinda clunky and cluttered. Color distribution is alright. The dark blue pieces are out of place, so I suggest replacing it with the lighter blue you have on the rest of the MOC. While the head is animalistic, this lacks a “skull” on it, so I feel the head should be replaced with one of the 2015 skull masks.

The front claws need some work (why not use more protector feet and add the skull spider legs as claws?) and I don’t like the trap pieces on it. Neck is iffy. I don’t like the trail shooter either. And again, there’s not much skeleton parts, besides the single bone piece on the tail.

Overall, it has an idea, but it wasn’t executed well. If you make some improvements this could be a lot better,

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I appreciate all the criticisms,Chronicler especially after the last time I met you, and after I finish the story I’m Writing , I’ll revamp all of them. Except the Dark Master, cause he’ll be getting a plot-relevant revamp soon enough.
The dark blue was supposed to help cover the water base, cause lego decided to never re-color the ribcage in blue. So I tried to combined ice and water. Also It’s meant to be alive that’s why there is just one bone piece on the tail.

P.S can I just sy why is it that when I try something new like custom feet or a blaster, Or not reusing the three skull masks It get’s so much more hate.
I mean compared to my other M.O.C.s this is arguably the most complex, A custom torso, feet and a function.

Complex isn’t always better. Here, you tried to make an animal instead of a humanoid, which I think could arguably be harder.