Realized I haven't posted any of my MOCs here so far. So, here are a few images of my most recent, Skyburn. He looks like a Toa, but he's actually a member of Mantax's species and a Dark Hunter subjected to secret experiments, giving him artificial powers over sonics and plasma.

I have more images, but I need to GIMP out the backgrounds.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate constructive criticism, especially for this MOC, as I may do more MOCs based on his build in future.


Nice build, good proportions! nice color scheme.
No complaints.
I can't tell if the legs are very flexable?

He does have rather limited articulation (in his knees especially), but it's difficult to create a design that's both very articulate and provides all good coverage.

Something to be worked out more in future MOCs, I guess.

Thanks for the comment!


I hear that. Well you have the coverage down, for sure!

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Are the Ehlek claws weapons or just a part of his armor? Pardon me if it sounds like a stupid question, but I just would like to know before I give it a review.


What I love about this moc is that you made the legs, arms and body large but still kept the mask looking average compared to those three things. This is something we don't see in a lot of mocs today and is defiantly one of the things I dislike the most about mocs. One thing I would do, personally, would be to put some more red on the front and less on the back. I don't know. Some people like mixing colours 50% 50% as much as can be done and others like to contain most of one colour. It's just a personal decision so overall besides that 100%.

Great moc!

-Toa Aeros


@Collector: They're weapons.

@Aeros: Thanks for the comment. You might not have known this but he's one of my shortest "regular-size" MOCs, at least of the ones I built recently. Good to see it's a scale where the proportions are good. I might can see where you're getting at with the red, but my collection of red isn't very big (they're mostly CCBS pieces, and too much of them would destroy the BIONICLE styling I have for him). I was trying to make red a clear accent to the shades of silver more than a main color.

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Thank you for the information.

You've done an excellent job in designing the legs and torso with the usage of Hero Factory parts. The arms, however, slightly give me mixed feelings. They're efficient in terms of design, but his claws appear to prevent the usage of other weapons unless modified, with the result (seen in the final photo) looking a bit awkward.

I give this MOC an 8/10. You've put a lot of effort into this creation and it was worth it.

Guess that's true about the claw weapons. If need be, though, I can just make the claws his only weapons.

Thanks for the comment, and great to see the HF/BIO blend is working well.

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No problem. I just love the usage of the HF body armor on the lower legs.

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I dig that lower leg armor.

Reminds me of a certain Toa of Shadow I know.

But yeah, aforementioned Articulation issues aside, I think this is a fine MOC.

@Hawkflight It's be awesome to see one of your larger scale mocs since this one's regular sized.

And, yeah my collection of green isn't very big and I've always tried to make an air moc but I just don't have the pieces.

-Toa Aeros

I like this more than Jethryn.

Why do you do this, Stormy, why? This is like, the best MOC you've made. I want to see Jethryn this good ASAP.

I'm not sure about the technic lift arms on the upper legs. I think swapping the upper legs around so the OoF HF armor addition is on the outside would work much better. The lower legs are your best yet, the torso is well armored, although some areas a bit awkward. The claws are pretty cool, and the upper arms are simple but good.

The MOC looks really good, but I'm immensely distracted by the background. I'd say don't try to edit it out - just brighten the image and increase contrast and saturation, perhaps.


The whole MOC seems to flow very well.

@Ek: That's wonderful to hear. I really like this new system, and I'd like to make as many MOCs as possible built on this system, including a possible (rebooted) Jethryn.

I guess the upper legs are still a bit blocky - something to fix on future iterations of the build.

@Chro: Thanks for the comment. I could try to do something like that -- I did that sort of editing on Lightroom when I had it, but it seriously messed up the images as well, so I don't do that anymore. Could try it again though.

Do you have iPhoto? Or even just a flickr account?

Now that I think about it... I do have something of the like on my iPad, but that would take longer than usual to do.

I have told myself that someday I will get a flickr account.

Do it.

Very, very nice. Everything has a nice flow to it.