Skyce (The broken ice-man)

(In advance I want to say I first made this moc before Frost was revealed to be a character in MK11, so any similarities between the two is purely coincidence.) Skyce, Pronounced sk-ice, was another creation that came from the same project that created Scrap-yard. Similar enhancements were given to him as Scrap-yard. Given a robotic leg, lower right arm, and a new brass chest capacity for his missing or severely damaged parts. But decpite how broken he seems he is still a deadly threat. His arm is strong enough to crush rocks into a fine powder without effort, a scythe resembling or hook resembling weapon able to cleave through flesh with semi-ease, and a Cryo-grenade with a explosion depending on how long you hold down the activation button. The longer you hold it down the more deadly the explosion, 1 being just freezing you 10 being blow you to shreds.


The legs are good, but the torso needs some work

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Any suggestions?

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Try elongating the torso a bit

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Nice use of asymmetric armour.

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Thank you @SonicBionicleMaster I’ll try that

And thank you @Kardax