So, I made some wings for my three favorite MOCs.

Mostly because I've always sucked at wings, and I wanted to see if I could do them good.

So here we go. Starting off with mah boy, Knightpriest.

Knightpriest has mechanical wings, and from the front and back look really cool!

From the side, they look like trash.

the wing on the left of this picture is supposed to be flush against the booster, but it's not. Silly me.

They fold away though, nicely. If a bit big looking.

Looks fine from the front, however.

Moving on, this is Arikas, and her wings.

Happy with how these came out. However, they do not fold away, and may not be canon. I just wanted to use those wing parts from Fluminox

So lazily attached, not even funny.

And finally, to the most relevant pair of wings. The ones that play a role in the story, and IMO, look absolutely baller.

The insectoid wings of Orikad that I have finally given to him. I took away the tail forever though. Sorry @ColdGoldLazarus

Gotta love dem quadruple bug wing swag.
From the side, they look...ok.

They fold away..ok.

Like, that looks decent, right?

Overall, I'm happy with all these wings, pointless as some may be


arikas is the best one.


Unrelated note, but it bothers me that Knightpriest's lower leg armor is black. But yeah, these wings are great, though I must say that Arikas's look very unusable.

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I've admitted this on Knightpriest's old topic(s) that I wanna change those.

One day.


Yeah, somehow I didn't notice them until just now. I assume that if you could change them currently you would, so I'm not gonna say anything else. :smile:

also dat doorknob tho


I read the tidal as skyfarting.

Anyways... well done, they look great!


Those wings all look great! Sad about the lack of a tail, though. frowning


I really like Arikas and her fire effect


They roam the skies...


they are here to battle evil...

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pardon my fingers but, holy ■■■■ those are cool

thank you auto blur

Those Chima Ultrabuild parts. I will kill you in your sleep to get them if I have to.

Seriously though, did you get hit with a sudden Phantoka nostalgia trip or something?

Well, Orikad was always gonna have wings, but otherwise, it was less Phantoka and more other stuff.

It was just, "wings are cool, I wanna make some."

Holy... I never realized how much that armor piece looks like a head.