Skyrim - Helgen's Aftermath

So, I’m doing a thing right now where I write a journal for my Dragonborn, Alavosk. In the journal, I decided that on the way to Ivarstead on The Way of the Voice quest, Alavosk draws a couple of scenes of Helgen with charcoal. This was one of them:

The second image was a bit more morbid and also not done, so I decided to omit it.


It looks almost exactly alike, it is really good

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Thank you, this is pretty much my first drawing with charcoal (not counting tracing the word “Fus” in dragon onto the journal), so, pretty proud of it.

I’m not really all too great with charcoal, but you use it effectively here; captures the look of the above picture well.


I have great respect for people with artistic talent.
You have my respect.

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The thing about art is that talent is only a small part to me. In order to be good at art, I think you just have to keep at it. Constantly draw, sketch, color, paint, basically the more you do it, the better you get. Also, never get discouraged. I experience this sometimes, and end up not drawing, which doesn’t improve my drawing abilities. However, if I get the urge, I just draw and, if needed, keep drawing the same thing over and over until it looks better to me. I make sure I keep drawing and experiment, improving as I go.

So yeah, I say if you like to draw or anything pertaining to art, never discourage yourself and practice. Also, never say your not talented or a good artist, even if you’re kidding. You’ll start to believe it and it’ll become true.

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I guess I should have used a different word, I should have said skill. I interchange those words when I shouldn’t.

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I quite enjoy this. An accurate representation of the source material, and it’s done in a pretty unique style. Nice work.

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Pretty impressive.

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