Skyrim special edition problems?

me and a bunch of my friends who play Skyrim on Xbox one have been getting problems with the game and Bethesda has no idea why. so I was just wondering if anyone else has been getting problems? (like game crashing at random moments, deleting saved games, cant make new game, game won’t lode at all)

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Haven’t downloaded it for PC yet. I’ll have to check in on this.

Have you been messing with mods?

He’s on Xbox. Last I checked modding that was really difficult.

Then again, I’ve never tried it myself, so take it with a grain of salt.

The recently released Skyrim Special Edition supports console modding in a similar fashion to Fallout 4. What you can do is limited, but it could be causing problems…

it’s not that limited at all the only part that is limited is that the mod creator has to up lode it them self and there absolutely no nude mods aloud <- I’m fine with that

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It is limited when you compare to the PC version of Skyrim, and all the insane stuff that can be done with the Script extender.

Though, that isn’t the point of this topic. I asked if you had been using mods, as that may be causing your issues. Have you been using mods?

very small tweak mods at the moment. I play on pc too so I’m mostly on my pc but plan to mod my xbox way differently then my pc. and I got to say I didn’t use much mods that used the script extender. Most body mods use it but I play as a male so I didn’t use body mods.

but I hear that there are people that hate console players making mods that break your game and console on Skyrim and Fallout.

So you haven’t modded the Xbone much.

Then I have no idea what could be causing your problems…

Early game glitches.

Bethesda will fix them soon.

Although it is worth noting there are FAR less issues with this game on launch than any other Bethesda game.

I just made this post because I wanted to know if there were others having problems with the game