Any Skyrim players out there? What do you like doing in Skyrim? Do you like Warrior, Mage, or Thief the best? A topic for Skyrim!


I’m thinking of getting the game after seeing this mod:

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You should get it! I have it for the PS3, it’s one of the best games i’ve played in my life!

Skyrim’s a decent exploration game with fairly mediocre core gameplay mechanics. Lackluster combat system, lazy dungeon design, emphasis on slightly prettier graphics and fancy set pieces over creating a believable AI or a varied terrain. As far as games go, it’s certainly not bad, but you could do better with something like Fallout, and maybe get some interesting characters to boot.

I had some fun with the game, but it isn’t anything I’d go back and play.



I’ve only been playing skyrim for about a year now (late to the party) and I think it’s a fantastic game! Yeah the graphics aren’t top notch and there are a lot of bugs… But that still doesn’t take away from the fact it’s a really fun game. My character is mainly a warrior with a waraxe and shield combo - only using magic to summon Arvak, my skeleton horse.

But here’s the question, what is the best race in skyrim? (clearlyargonian)

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I’ve been playing Skyrim on my PS3 since it was released, and I immediatly fell in love with it. It’s just a really great game, and believe or not I’ve actually spent well over 1000 hours and I still don’t feel tired of it. I have taken a big break though, but when I do start playing it again it will be on PC with glorious mod.

Also, the Bionicle mod looks really amazing!

I mainly play my Thief. Only have about 8 hours on him, with a few more on my others. I was also late to the party.

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@Lewa assume you’re part of the thieves guild? Although I’m not much of a thief myself, the thieves guild members were always my favourite characters (apart from leathery burnt bacon astrid)

@RaggedClaws No, but a friend showed me where to join it, so i’ll do that next time I hop on.

I love this game sooooo much!!! I recently got into modding after beating the game like 3 times. I have explosive chickens and a couple other mods, it’s really great. ~PC~

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Great game, glitches and all.
Also the Legend of the Toa mod is amazing the models are great, better than Bionicle Heroes, but the weapons holsters don’t match up with the body, oh well. They haven’t really done much with the mod for a while, I wonder if they are working on a big update right now?

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Huh, no discussion here for a while. I know how to get things going: Stormcloaks or Imperials?


Me too! The Stormcloaks aren’t thinking about the big picture.

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So do anyone have Skyrim on PC and mod there game like no tomorrow like me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have it installed anymore, but when I did, I think I had about 80 mods. Maybe more.

I gotten back into playing it again and put in a little more mods but I need to find out what mod is making my game crash.

For the Empire!

Bought Skyrim for PC during the summer sale, but have yet to even install it. Rest assured, when I do install it, I can gurantee that I will add so many mods that my computer may explode. :wink:

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Well when you install skyrim, I know some good mods and better textures for your Skyrim on the Nexus.
Also I bet you would be adding that Bionicle mod

May not go for better textures, at least not until I upgrade my PC. I do have a folder on my computer that’s just full with several mods, but some more suggestions wouldn’t hurt.

And yes, that Bionicle mod will be installed pretty much as soon as it’s finished.