Sleath the Wanderer

Hiya! I'm new here, just came over from BZPower. I don't really know how things work around here, but since I'm a new member, I cant post any pictures. Here's a link to the above-mentioned MOC. Hope to see you around! : 3


I like his look and story, I really really like his story sounds cool

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He's buddies with the Mighty Tuma! smiley

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Hahaha XD

Great MOC but why you didn't use the trans-red eyestock?

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Hm...He's not evil, I didn't intended him to be evil...But I guess it would suit with all the red highlights! XD

When you're making on moc please don't adjust color scheme to his alignment... Just make it as good as you can, cuz with these eyes he looks quite messy.

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So... time for a critical review.

Feet: The feet are okay, but the silver Mata Hands kinda stick out.

Legs: Those red knees bug me, especially sice they're the only non-weapon red on the Moc. I'm also not a fan of the lack of poseability in the hips, but as far as looks go, the legs are fine except for the knees.

Body: No complaints here. Some pretty clever building techniques are used. And waist articulation is a nice touch.

Head: I, for one, like the green eyes. IMO, the eyes on a model should be noticeable, even stand out. I do think the... Mask(?) kinda blocks the eyes and looks a little awkward.

Arms: The left arm is fine, but the gun on the right arm kind looks out of place and sticks out Also, the upper arms are kinda skinny. This could easily be remedied with one piece of armor.

Also, not to be an Eljay, but the blue pins on the body and upper arms really mess with an otherwise okay color scheme. On the other hand, they remind me of stars in a sky, kinda, so if you like that effect, you can use it.


Thank you so much for the detailed response! : D

Feet: yeah I do agree they stick out; wanted an increased surface layer then, but it does look awkward XD

Legs: I was thinking the red on the weapons stood out a little, hence I went with red (instead of the initial silver, if I can remember...).

Body: thank you! I was trying to experiment with new ways to build a torso with the use of parts already designated by Lego to be bodies..

Head: I wanted to create a custom face without the use of a mask, but all attempts for a non-mask face that covered the face adequately proved to be too bulky and no really nice-looking. So I went with this single piece. XD Hope it reminds you of a breathing apparatus! XD

Arms: Yup, another gripe I share with you. I had tried to move the disk launcher closer, but I wouldn't get that hang-off-the-shoulder feel, so I left it like so. But if I can remember, posing it more to the back would make it less awkward.

Blue pins: What can I say, majority of the parts I have come from the after Metru, so I wouldn't have as many black half-pins. But I'd say they are quite consistent in where they appear : X

Once again. thank you for your comment! I really, really appreciate it! >.<

Welcome to the TTV Message Boards!

Anyway, nice job with the MOC, though, like many others have already said, the eye colors are kinda distracting. Other than that, nice job!

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Hello, and welcome, @Waaja to the boards.

man it's going to get confusing in here with @WajKnight.....

The's good, but the shoulders could use more armor. He could also use some cleaning up in general, as this fits the description of a Puzzle MOC: If it looks like it fits, put it there. If it doesn't fit, MAKE IT.


Thank you for the comment. Just a question:

What's a puzzle MOC? XD

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Ahahaha XD Yup some parts in there are definitely following this principle XD

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