Slim Knightpriest

Today I was bored...
Recently I drew Nyrans (@Nyran) Kingpriest, but in more of an Slim Version as he said:
"Kingpriest is actualy slim character in Heavy armour"

..Soo yeah here are some shots:

Front shot

Nyran shot

Lance-thing shot (I seriously don't know what is it :c)

Also sorries about red mata Balljoints, I ran out of Black ones (Same goes for 1x2 black axles)

Link to drawing here


Critique time!

He just plain looks really cool
The blue highlights help add colour
The studs on the lower legs help make the open ball joints less of an eye soar and help them fit in better
All the technic washer pieces (I think that's what they're called) make it look very robotic and give it a lot of character

Even though the red axels and ball joints are only there because of lack of pieces they're still annoying
The open socket on the back
He could maybe use a little bit of the blue somewhere on his legs

I really like this MOC it seems like a nice mix of complex and simple and has a lot of character!


His "lance" arm actually is a funny thing. While it does have a bladed attachment, and can reconfigure itself, at default, it is a long sniper barrel.

This interpretation of him is very cool, though. The lower legs strike me as too odd, however, and I'm not sure about the hunch.

Knightpriest is thin, but at the same time tall and lanky, while wearing armor that would do to cover that up.

Regardless though, as a MOC just on its own, it looks really cool, and has some schweet techniques. Especially the elbow of the lance./gun arm.

I might have to integrate something like that myself.


As per usual, the body and head are rather cool. I especially like the jetpack things.

The upper arms are kind of underwhelming, but the lower arms make up for that.(and, to be fair, I'm quite guilty of neglecting the upper arms myself.)

I wasn't sure about the legs upon first inspection, but quite frankly, I like the aesthetic. They kind of make him look light on his feet. They look kinda like these:

I'd like to see him in some more dynamic poses.


Here ya have 2 poses @Garnira

Lance-Fallin' shot

"Sniper rifle" Shootin' shot

The "fallin'" shot is not the best but whatwver! :G