Slime's Constraction MOCs

So I figured I’d start putting all my MOCs into one topic so I don’t clutter up the Boards. I’ll still be putting my Community MOCs in the other topic though.

The first of these is some sort of Dark Toa. Basically, I tried to use both Inika Build and CCBS equally here. He’s a little thin, but I like how he turned out. I don’t really have a backstory for this guy, so feel free to give suggestions if you come up with something.

I blame @Nyran for this obligatory back shot.

Closer look at the sword thing.

This guy is a revamp of a MOC I built about 4 years ago. I really wish I had before/after pictures, because this guy has come a long way. He doesn’t really have a name, but does have a backstory. He was once a Toa of Ice, but was blown up or something. He was upgraded by The Shadowed One, and now works for the Dark Hunters.

Another back shot. I actually like the way that his back turned out; it looks nice and armored.

Shot of him firing his weapon, a blaster that shoots Ice energy to freeze his foes.

And that’s all I have for today. I’ll probably post more here in the future.


Nice. I like both of them, with your Dark Hunter being my favorite. He’s very well armored, and overall, looks very sleek, yet mechanical and messy at the same time.

The dark Toa is a bit more generic (Noooo really?) but the only thing I can see inherently wrong, would be the open ball joints in the torso, and the lower torso (Dare I say… Crotch region?) needs some armor methinks.

Good job mate.


Yeah, I noticed those problems too. I tried a few things to fix them, but everything I tried didn’t look right. Anyway, think of the open ball joints as a hearkening to Bionicle 2015! or somethin.

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Why has this caught on but not Lateral Bicep movement, dangit?

I need to see this on more of your folks’ MOCs.

In any case, I like all of these.


I’m not joking when I say that every time I build a MOC, I hear a little Nyran in my head saying “use lateral bicep movemeeeeeeeent…”

I usually ignore it though. :laughing:


I try to give all my mocs lateral bicep movement at least in some places
If not I have this fear of you trying to destroy me with that magical mod shield of yours


I’m basically going to echo BioRaiders here. Dark Hunter is good, and the Dark Toa is a bit generic.

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dark toa looks like either generic grunt or an evil version of my self moc

Funnily enough, the working title for this MOC was “Dark @Indigogeek

Now you know.
And knowing is half the battle.

he might as well have been called generic grunt




The Dark Hunter is incredible, it’s very unique and I love what you did with the visor on the head.

The Toa, well, just a toa. There’s some neat tricks in play, but nothing really eye-catching.

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oooh, me gusta. :smiley:

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So here I am again with another fantastic (not) MOC!

This is my take on a G2 Wairuha, using only pieces from Kopaka, Lewa, and Gali.

I tried to go for a consistent color scheme, using Gold, Gunmetal, Silver, and Trans-Blue.

Closer look at the sword which I thought was pretty inventive until I remembered that Stormer XL did the exact same thing. :confused:

Closer look at the shield, loosely based off of Roman Legionary shields (which were rectangular)

Obligatory back shot…

With the Mask of Water.

With the Mask of Air/Jungle/whatever the heck Lego decides it is.

The more I look at this, the more I realize that it’s just Kopaka with some color swaps. I guess I’m not as creative as I think I am…


Dang it, I was gonna show off how incredibly observant I am by pointing that out! :stuck_out_tongue: It still looks cool just as its own thing, though. Especially since the original Wairuha had a Miru.



So I took some pictures of some custom Combo Models I made, then promptly forgot to post them. So yeah.

To start off, here’s a combo of Lewa and Jetbug.

Next, here’s a (sorta) combo of Gali and Evo 4.0.

Next is a combo of the Protector of Fire and Rawjaw (aka my favorite HF set ever)

Finally, we have Steve, Toa of Every Element (totally not just Nuju with my old mask)

that’s all ok bye


Steve is my favorite, in fact, it’s the only good one.



Don’t listen to this yink gui
the Rawjaw MOC is pretty sweet
and by pretty sweet
I mean that torso is the best thing you have ever made in the history of ever (except Kupu :P)

It’s legit better than the majority of Hawky’s MOCs

Excellent work slurm


I really like bubble headed toa of ice guy so far.

The bubble headed…

Oh you mean that Dark Hunter guy. Yeah, I liked him too. A shame he was murdered for Community MOC parts…