Slizer/ThrowBot - City/Turbo - 2016 Redux

First MOC to get shot by my new camera (would have used it earlier but a little technical hiccup happened but that got fixed since). Just for comparison here is the 2010 first version

Took a little inspiration from the Stealth Tank from the NOD faction in Command and Conquer, and a minor influence of RoboRider Boss too. Sure he turned into a battle tank, but he needs some edge over those vehicle eating fuel trucks no?



This is really similar to the real set, while still looking revamped and cool!

Nice work! :smiley:

Looks pretty neat, but i don't get the "new" feel from it that the "2016 redux" part would infer. But I absolutely love the older feel of this kind of set, reminds me of 2001.

that's a beautiful tank form

So much teal!

Looks amazing! Love the ThrowBot revamps!

oh my god teal

this is great

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Perfect, except for a lack of disc throwing.

Looks beautiful!

Very nice!