Slizer/ThrowBot - Millennium Rider Form - 2016

I know, the bike is just a slightly pimped out version of the original, but for it I cannibalized The Forgotten Rider MOC for it, but I tried to balance out the black, red and bit of grey. Also made Millennium itself is give more points of articulation while keeping his size nearly the same size, also balancing out the colors on him, and yes I know I used two different grey colors but it still works well.

Detail shots:


but can he combine with is bike to go super saiyan?


I love it


Wow, that’s quite a revamp you got there. Very close to the source material yet original in it’s own right.

I really like the look of this, especially the way you combined new and old elements

this is freaking awesome

Not exactly, but I did make it’s titan form

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ohh, forgot about that, to be honest XD

it’s cool too

Looks really great.
Awesome looking ride you have for Millennium.

Thanks, I tried to modify the original build as best as possible to give it a more updated look.

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