Small G1 annoyances

So what sort of things do you wish Lego should've done back in G1? This isn't supposed to be like the regrets thread because that's about personal things. I'll start it off, I wish the Toa Mata/Nuva sets had head articulation. They had the right parts to do it, so why didn't they? They did manage to fix this later on though so it's not really that much of a bug. Anyways what about you guys


Too much color changing, it makes it harder to work with certain colors.

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The Stars.


The Mistake-a.


Given the Metru shoulder articulation while still retaining the gear function, preferably adding friction to the latter.

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I believe it's because the Mata's main feature was the arm swinging function which was supposed to be used to pry the Toa's masks off from the mouth connection. Giving them neck articulation would've probably hindered the "game"'s effectiveness (knocking the head around as opposed to the mask)

I think that would have been a small sacrifice. I mean, who actually played that game?

That G1 ended!


Ok, so... I finally got the chance to read the first book from 06 (which, by the way, is totally sick, I loved it.), and something kind of bothered me:

At first, they say that drinkable water is very hard to find on Voya Nui (Garan even says that there's a whole ocean surrounding the island, but obviously none of its water, being salty, can be drunk), and then in the book it describes the coast as being frosty, and sometimes covered in ice (even the official Voya Nui map clearly shows it). So why didn't the Voyatoran take the ice to melt it and have water? Why even bother making holes in the ground to find water when you have such a great supply on the coast?

According to VNOG there are lots of Ice Burnak and Gafna on the coast. :stuck_out_tongue: Whole camps...

According to island of doom there is absolutely nothing on the coast, since most of the island is fairly "sterile"....

Well in the game, you have to go there and destroy the Burnak camps to get food for Piruk's pet.

I don't know, VNOG doesn't really seem like a good source for canon info.....

But where else would Ice Burnak live? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm just saying that as far as I read wildlife on Voya Nui isn't a problem, and there's very little of it anyway.

I wish they would've designed the Squid Shooters better. And that they would've made an updated visual dictionary every 3 years or so. If that was advertised a bit, maybe confused youngsters that were new to the theme could be able to catch up quickly.


Its pretty hard to say I have a small annoyance for the generation since all of my annoyances are anything but small due to them actually being noticable enought to annoy me.

It kind of annoyed me that the standard sizes for Toa and Matoran kept creeping up. Sure, there were in-universe explanations for the scale change, but that didn't keep it from irking me that a non-adaptive Toa Nuva would be just as short as an Av-Matoran- It made playing with both older and newer sets kind of awkward.

Also, Kongu's Mahri form didn't fit his personality whatsoever.


Most of the Agori look as though they could defeat a Toa Mata in a fist fight :stuck_out_tongue:


But the Toa Mata have pointy fists :stuck_out_tongue: