Small Issue with the creation of a MOC

I’ve been working on a MOC for almost a year, just being very careful with where I place pieces and such to get the best example. It is still a work in progress and there’s two obstacles I’ve had pestering me. One is the head, that should take me up to a month so no worries, that’s not the issue.

The issue I’m facing is the lower legs. The thighs are built with two bohrok lower framed and the upper frame of a rakshi body. Because of this, the top three axel holes are filled. A bent beam is connected by the lowest pinhole and locked in place by a size three axel. Allowing an additional axel hole near directly below.

This axel hole is mid center, but the orientation is off by around 30°, making an X shape. I can’t figure out how to make a functioning joint out of it. I’ve tried attaching Y Joints, and ball joints, but nothing works without over extending the knee or making it extremely gappy. I’m at a loss. Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this?

I’ll post pictures if need be. Thank you.


I’m pretty sure all topics in Lego Creations requires a picture so can I have a picture?


I second that. Also, an entire Year on a moc?! That’s dedication. I usually take a day or two, tops.

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Here’s a close-up. The axel is at an X orientation.

It currently stands as big as 2015 Lewa, with the estimated size for the legs, it’ll be much taller once done.

Try a lightsaber rod?

Perhaps, except I only have one in size 4 and I would need two of size three or less.