Sneak preview of OPERATION VINDICTA Chapter 10

Chapter 10- The Fiddle Player

I feel betrayed, although we leave the control room with a sense of pride there is a slight hollow feeling within my chest that is accompanied by what feels like a struggle to breath properly. Perhaps this is because me and all whom I knew and love have worn our happiness like a Kanohi mask, concealing our misery so we feel at home with where we are. Then Pligurius came and stole that mask, deprived me of the moments I cherished so much as a Matoran. My hands twitch slightly at the thought as we make our way down a corridor, and it almost refuels my anger towards Pligurius for having exposed me.

Rauera seemingly notices the faint scowl on my face. Normally rather assertive, his eyes look less tense and his physique is not as withdrawn as before. "Feeling sore about the voice message? I thought you were aware of the Avohkii's influence on the Matoran." He says with a moral tone of voice, though his comfort does not fully reach me. "It's not that," I begin "I just feel so darn silly inside after encountering Pligurius. This whole outlook he gave me on everything I've come to know makes me feel uncomfortable." My hands clutch in agony and I feel ready to burst, "I probably hurt Helryx and the others, lashing out at the one they were so devoted to." I say smacking a fist into my open palm and running towards the other Toa. "Stoax!" cries Rauera, placing his metal hand on my shoulder in a condescending manner. "Look at me, you are acting like a fool!" His fingers lock tighter on my shoulder pad, and a burning sensation spreads across it, all the while his eyes are locked assertively on mine, glowing with a blinding light. "Your right, I was a fool," I say brushing his hand away in denial. "I should have been more cautious, I shouldn't have fallen under their influence. Now, I'm gonna make them pay." Rauera looks at me, speechless, and we proceed with the rest of the group.

We exit the door, light pouring across our face, illuminating the featureless metal of the landing bay and glistening over the numerous aircrafts. All the while we are presented to the craft we will take to the facility


T'is good. T'is very good.
However, I do not see how a hand can be condescending. Perhaps "placing his metal hand on my shoulder in a condescending manner?"
Anyways, some of the best stuff I've ever seen.