Sneak preview of OPERATION VINDICTA Chapter 9

If you haven’t read chapter 8 yet, then this may not make much sense, so I’d recommend you read it. If you have, then here’s a preview for chapter 9.

Chapter 9- Tying loose ends

“Agent Tora, everything’s been situated. I’m headed for the Avohkii with Svobota and a few men. It shouldn’t be trouble finding the laboratory its located at, they’ve given me the coordinates. Of course, I suspect there to be security, but I’ll figure something out. You know your part in this so I think we’ve got everything under control. Once that cannon is fired everyone, Makuta or Matoran, will be free from the masks control. That’s all for now, Pligurius out”.

The message fades to a series of crackling, until that itself eventually ends. We join the silence, Helryx wanders in a circle, her face is one of uncertainty and shock. Minera looks in horror at the monitor, his entire body is lifeless and fixed. I breath deeply and stare at Helryx. Why would an organization who claims to defend the Matoran, ensure that they never have free will? Helryx turns to all of us, she weakly states, “Everyone. As soldiers our responsibility is to serve our people, we are political tools and nothing more. Our loyalty is to the great spirit and we must carry out his goals, it is not in our power to question why. Is it loyalty to your country or your personal feelings? Why else are we here?”

She turns to me, "Stoax, you joined this organization to make it up to your people, to keep them from harms reach.

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