Snow golf accident

While playing snow golf don’t wake up the walrus


The Walrus looks more of a mammoth without a trunk tbh.

Those Penguins looks rather good despite some illegal posses, the belly section does break some contraction, yet still get the job done.


Noot noot :smiley:


Pingu, Pingu


This is amazing! There’s really noting wrong I can find with this. Excellent work!

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Those penguins are adorable.

N O O T N O O T these look great!

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Lady Penguin is clearly embarrassed by hubby’s antics!

Insert pingo joke

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Really Nice Moc the use of the star wars shoulder pads is genius, and the walrus eyes look nice, Overall an aesthetically pleasing Moc[quote=“RogueToa, post:9, topic:41197, full:true”]
Insert pingo joke

its PINGU you uncultured swine /s


For your information I am an avid pingu fan.

Pretty cool. I like how you utilized cloth for the golf bag and the level of personality for both penguins.

Looks great. Though that isn’t a walrus

Then what is it?

I dont know. It vaugely kinda resembles it but it doesnt really fit the mold

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I really like how the penguins look

right, looks like a pre-historic goomba

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A lot of character in these guys.