So I made a Gorillaz Bionicle crossover

Let me introduce, BRAKAZ, consisting of vezon, taipu, axonn and dalu ;o

hope this triggers a little giggle ;p


That is so freakin’ cool!! :smiley:

Wow, this is amazing! I actually really like this style a lot, also your colors are fantastic.

The idea was pretty neat too, definitely got a grin out of me :slight_smile:


Dat Vezon tho.

Axon as Vezon and Russell as Murdoc is spot on.

The style here is what gets me: I absolutely love it. Its something you don’t really see with Bionicle characters all too much. The colors also really have a nice airbrushed blend to them; they’re subtle and expressive all at the same time. Seriously, I love this. I kind of want to try things out in this style now.


that style belongs to jamie hewlett ^^ i just adapted it to make this look liek the cover of demon days c:

Wow, you really captured the art style and colors of the Gorillaz albums. You sir are a master of your craft!

well i needed this more than i realized

taipu looks like a massive scumbag

Okay found your post. Oooooh you have the whole Demon Days cover parodied

yup. and i based the character translations on how similar they behave to the band, not looks.

Okay. Good job :grinning: . But I have just one little nit-pick and it’s that Axxon is supposed to be were Dalu is.

Oh nevermind. I found the picture you parodied off of

It’s gotta be the scumbag hat.

yeah. theres a variant cover of demon days, and its the one i prefer.

This thing, it’s really like able, so I like it…

I’m that much closer to having my life become complete :joy:.