So true ("Toa are my heroes, not the Avengers" Pic)


I wanna say someone's posted that image here before, but I dunno. It's inspiring, to a die-hard fan, I suppose.

But then, I myself also grew up on a heavy dosage of Transformers and Power Rangers, so, uh, yeah. >.>


I just got hit with a large childhood. Right... Right in there...


This is so true.

Well, them and the Justice League. Never can get enough of the Justice League.

Yes, so true. ~Pyrox

liek dis if u cry everytiem ;(


I kinda like both the Avengers and BIONICLE... They where both my childhood.

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well kinda true for me, I like both

That is really true my favorite hero team is the Toa.

To be completely honest, the Avengers movie was really underwhelming.

And also, Bionicle was basically the only thing I was interested in for a really long time, so...

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