So You're Making A Bionicle Movie...

While that sounds cool, I don’t think it would be taken seriously by adults if it were an animated movie. Animation isn’t very popular outside of children content, sadly.

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Depends on the location, because some areas of the world they would love to see the animation style.


Well yeah, but the movie will be marketed mostly to the western hemisphere

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Scott McNeil, a living legend. Played Rattrap, Silverbolt and Waspinator in Beast Wars, among many other roles.

Yuri Lowenthal my dude, also known as that-guy-who-I-always-confused-with-Roger-Craig-Smith as a kid, and Ben Tennyson from Alien Force and onwards, among numerous other western cartoon, anime dub, and video game characters :stuck_out_tongue:

This is some quality voice talent, though… some of these choices seem a tad random, if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, I long for a return to traditional 2D animation, though it seems unlikely with a concept that’s already so risky to introduce a totally new audience to.


Yeah, I was pretty sure thats who it was, but I didn’t want to spell it wrong.[quote=“TheMightyObsidianDude, post:39, topic:49716”]
This is some quality voice talent, though… some of these choices seem a tad random, if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:
[/quote] [quote=“Sabretooth, post:35, topic:49716”]
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Good Guy/Marendar.
[/quote] I have no idea what you’re talking about.


So here is my idea for the post-credit scenes from each movie:

2001: A brief shot of the bohrok nests, and then one suddenly cracks open, similar to the bohrok commercial from 2002.

2002: Some kraata are briefly shown crawling into a cave (Teridax’s Lair)

(I am skipping Metru Nui here, since those would be made later, and I am jumping directly to the Ignition Trilogy)

2003: A brief shot of Voya Nui is shown, and then we get a final shot, showcasing the Chamber of Life.

2006: The Mask Of Life is shown sinking in water, and a tentacle slowly creeping around, similar to the begging of the Barraki Commercial from 2007.

2007: A brief shot of Karda Nui, with some mysterious shadowy shapes are shown flying around (The Makuta)

2008: The Mask of Life crash lands on Bara Magna, and we get a brief shot of the Clicks approaching.

2009: Teridax is shown… and then he suddenly realizes that Mata Nui is still out there.

2010: Nothing to tease here, since this will be the last movie (unless you also do the Metru Nui saga).

What do you think? How would you do the Post-Credit Scenes?


The Metru movies should be made after the original trilogy instead of jumping directly to the Ignition trilogy, because, you see, they introduce a lot of new stuff that would make the Ignition trilogy impossible to make: Many rahi, the dark hunters, and lots of other stuff.


I don’t think I would do Post-credit scenes. I always cringe a bit when I see them outside of Marvel movies - that’s their thing and it should stay that way IMO. When other movies try doing them it feels forced - especially if the movie fails and no sequel is made.

Whatever would be the post-credit scene, I think should be released once the next film is greenlit as the teaser/announcement trailer.

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Post credit scenes have been a thing long before the MCU came out.[quote=“Ozkabot, post:43, topic:49716”]
especially if the movie fails and no sequel is made.

You could have the Post Credit scene only be available as part of the extended edition on DVD … and not be shown in theatres. By the time the movie releases on DVD, you should have seen the movie’s performance and know whether you will be making a sequel or not.


I know Marvel didn’t start it, but they certainly made it their thing. It’s synonymous with Marvel in our culture and when a film comes out with a PCS it’s seen as an attempt to cash in on the cinematic universe trend; which doesn’t have a history of going well and with likely damage the brand from the get go - or at the very least make the audience sigh “… ugh, they’re trying the marvel thing again.”

I don’t think it’s something Bionicle even needs anyway; the next film is always going to be Bionicle 2 / 3 / 4, the audience doesn’t need to be made aware of another character who’ll be in their own standalone movie.

Having a little teaser scene in the extras section of the home video release / released online as a teaser trailer is fine, but tacked on the end of the movie just feels forced.


I think I know another popular franchise that decided to jump to prequel movies after a widely popular original trilogy, only to pick up the story again with a sequel trilogy years later…


Just google it man :stuck_out_tongue:

From the casting ideas people have been pitching, I’ve heard some good ideas. But I think I’m gonna round out a full list, using the ideas from previous posts as well as my own. This is my cast for the 2001 storyline.

Tahu-Jason Momoa
Gali-Daisy Ridley
Kopaka-Keanu Reeves
Lewa-Zachary Levi
Onua-Benedict Cumberbatch
Pohatu-Chris Hemsworth
Takua-Tom Holland
Turaga Vakama-Jeremy Irons
Makuta Teridax-Andy Serkis
Jaller-Taron Egerton
Turaga Nokama-Julie Andrews
Turaga Onewa-Martin Freeman
Kongu-Jake Abel
Matoro-Dylan O’Brien
Macku-Dakota Fanning
Hewkii-Josh Hutcherson
Turaga Nuju-Frank Welker
Turaga Whenua-Michael Caine
Turaga Matau-Jake Johnson
Hahli-Jennifer Lawrence

If any of you have ideas for the IDK’s, please post them. I’ll get to cast listings for the rest of the years in due time.


For the 2002 storyline, there’s really not much to be added. It has all the same characters, except for a few new ones. These are the ones I’d need to add.

Nuparu-Dane Dehaan
Cahdok-T. J. Storm
Gahdok-Jason Liles

The same goes for 2003. Of course, I’d have Tom Holland playing Takanuva as well as Takua, but there’s really no speaking characters to be added. I mean, I seem to recollect that the Bohrok-Kal could talk, but I’m going with the idea that the 2003-storyline movie would just be a big-budget version of Mask of Light.*

*Also, I’m not too fond of the Bohrok-Kal in general…

To prevent spamming you with posts, here’s my cast listings for the Metru Nui story arcs.

Vakama-Jeremy Irons
Nokama-Julie Andrews
Matau-Jake Johnson
Onewa-Martin Freeman
Whenua-Michael Caine
Nuju-Frank Welker
Lhikan-Ewan McGregor
Makuta Teridax-Andy Serkis
Nidhiki-Tom Hiddleston
Krekka-John Cena
Turaga Dume-Mark Rylance
Ahkmou-Alexander Ludwig
Morbuzakh King Root-IDK

And 2005…

Roodaka-Scarlett Johansson
Sidorak-Ben Mendelsohn
Norik-Bryan Cranston
Iruini-Channing Tatum
Pouks-Robbie Coltrane
Keetongu-Idris Elba
The Shadowed One-Ralph Fiennes

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[shrugs] it was the best choice I could think of off the top of my head. I thought it made sense to have a wrestler play a big, brutish villain.

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You might want to fix that double post my dude. Mods don’t take kindly to it around these parts :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, here’s my cast listings for the rest of the years.


Jaller-Taron Egerton
Matoro-Dylan O’Brien
Nuparu-Dane DeHaan
Kongu-Jake Abel
Hahli-Jennifer Lawrence
Hewkii-Josh Hutcherson
Zaktan-Mark Wahlberg
Hakann-Adam Driver
Reidak-Ciaran Hinds
Vezok-Gary Oldman
Thok-Daniel Craig
Avak-Tyrese Gibson
Axonn-Simon Pegg
Brutaka-Michael Keaton
Vezon-Ryan Reynolds
Garan-Nicholas Hoult


Matoro-Dylan O’Brien
Hahli-Jennifer Lawrence
Jaller-Taron Egerton
Hewkii-Josh Hutcherson
Nuparu-Dane DeHaan
Kongu-Jake Abel
Pridak-Javier Bardem
Kalmah-Willem Dafoe
Takadox-Jared Leto
Mantax-Kevin Spacey
Ehlek-Orlando Bloom
Carapar-Alfred Molina
Maxilos-Andy Serkis
Nocturn-Geoffrey Rush
Lesovikk-Bill Nighy
Defilak-Matthew Lewis


Toa Ignika-Chris Evans
Lewa-Zachary Levi
Tahu-Jason Momoa
Kopaka-Keanu Reeves
Gali-Daisy Ridley
Pohatu-Chris Hemsworth
Onua-Benedict Cumberbatch
Makuta Teridax-Andy Serkis
Chirox-Jackie Earle Haley
Antroz-Joaquin Phoenix
Vamprah-Bill Skarsgard
Krika-Chiwetel Ejiofor
Gorast-Michelle Pfieffer
Bitil-Marwan Kenzari


Mata Nui-Tom Cruise
Ackar-Harrison Ford
Kiina-Tessa Thompson
Gresh-Sam Worthington
Metus-Tom Felton
Berix-Asher Angel
Tuma-Robert De Niro
Raanu-Bill Murray
Straak-Tobey Maguire
Stronius-Peter Dinklage

I guess I can’t really do 2010, because it would just be a round-up of the previous years. And no, I am NOT going to do 2015 or 2016.

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Those seem like pretty good casting choices, though I feel like the amount of celebrities could be reduced a bit so the movie isn’t criticized for relying to much on celebrities. But some of them should definitely be kept, like for example, Michelle Pfieffer would be amazing as Gorast.


I always feel like these casting things are kind of silly, since they tend to rely on pre-existing talent out there, usually ultra-celebrities of some sort (like really? Bill Murray as Raanu? why?). Like, in some cases it makes sense. Say… transformers, or something, where you already have multiple voice casts from the shows to choose from that you know would suit the role. A lot of the time, these things will bring in pretty new talent too, people nobody’s ever heard of before. You need to remember for example that before the MCU, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were kinda nobodies. The fame needs to start somewhere, after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry…I was at a loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I guess I agree with that. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of lesser movie stars to catapult to higher fame.

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