Sokodas weekly builds

[SWB 23] Skull-Twin Racer

LDD-file: [SWB 23] Skull-Twin Racer


The nostalgia


Ah, I love Space Police… III, I think it was.

This is awesome!


Yeah it’s Space Police III The numbers always confuse me too, I always forget SPII, thanks


[SWB 24] Pylon Guardian MK-II

LDD-file: [SWB 24] Pylon Guardian MK-II


Quit stealing my ideas before I even make them /s

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Is this star wars?
Looks great!

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Sorry, wanted to build this one for years, and I finally did

@meepinater yeah it’s from Star Wars the old Repubilc again, this game has a lot of cool designs imo, and unlike the rest of Star Wars there aren’t alredy Lego models for everything


[SWB 25] Rough landing

LDD-file: [SWB 25] Rough landing

I also wanted to ask some questions about my weekly builds, and I think 25 is a good number to do this.

  • Do you like my weekly builds project?
  • Which ones are your favourites/least favourites?
  • What themes would you like to see more of?

Just some feedback about the project would be nice


I’d like to see more sci-fi and Star Wars type stuff tbh. Love the project overall

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This looks awesome!


Well, firstly Ive really been really enjoying the series. As for what I’d like to see, maybe a little less star wars vehicles, cause they can get a little repetitive, though they are still cool. Maybe more original lego theme stuff could be cool, or just random stuff. Though, overall, this has been really fun to watch, and you’ve done a great job at staying consistent with your posts. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


The project leaves me awestruck whenever I check the progress. Seliels Mech is alright, Though doesn’t feel as unique as your other designs. Honestly its the only one with which I have any issues. As for favorites, well: Exo Wall-Walker is great, as are Lost on Baltomoro (I love any aquatic mini build, its just so much fun seeing the small pieces used as coral and seaweed), Arkade’s Desert Racer (which seems the most like a set out of any of these), the Zyglak (again, underwater), Awakening/On The Hunt/Rough Landing, and of course the Grand Titan. I’d love to see some more aquatic stuff, and also maybe some retro type tings; Johnny Thunder, and classic Castle, especially.


I wasn’t able to say it at the time as I wasn’t here but it’s epic!

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Thank you and thatnks to everyone who gave me some feedback!
So I will adress some of it here:

definetely happening, there are a lot of cool underwater themes with interesting styles!

Honestly haven’t thought about Jonny Thunder but it’s a great idea.

Ok maybe I’ll do more different space themes that aren’t star wars or star wars creature/ things that aren’t vehicles

Yeah I can see that, it’s a lot closer to Ninjago sets you can already get like a lot of my other builds.

Really happy you like my original creations, I always pu a lot of effort into them, because I want them to have a very specific style.

I’ll try my best to use your feedback in my upcoming weekly builds, but it might take a bit till you see it, becaues I always have some builds stockpiled, in case something doesn’t work out in that week.

Thanks agin for telling me your opinions it’s very appreciated!


Question. Do you take requests or suggestions? There’s one shipb design in particular I’d love to see done in this style.

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Hmm good question. I initially wanted the project just to build whatever comes to my mind, that’s why I never asked for requests/suggestions, and I definetly want the majority of my builds to be that way.
But if you have a request, tell me and I might try it, but I can’t promise it will work out, sometimes I just cant make some models work in the size I want them to be or I’m just not happy with the result.


This is what I had in mind.


Ok I’ll try, but as I said before, can’t make promises

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[SWB 26] Stone Warrior Mini-Bike

LDD-file: [SWB 26] Stone Warrior Mini-Bike