I couldn’t think of a name. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my first drawing done digitally, with a drawing tablet! It was a super fun experience and I think that tablet was the best use of money ever.
Enjoy, and please comment and (constructively) criticize!


His name shall be Greg. End of story.


nice mii swordfighter oc

This is… Well, this is going to be a challenge. The proportions are a nightmare, with the hand being tinier than the wrist and the limbs being impossibly long. No visible knee anywhere on the legs, which is leading into some disturbing thought processes. Also, it looks like you drew the upper half and placed it on the hips, as the belt clearly overlaps the trousers and abruptly ends before reaching the end.

Nice use of darker shades to imply shadow, just remember: more blue, not more black. Work on your linework and make sure your proportions - even if they aren’t realistic - makes sense within the character you’re drawing. Mickey Mouse has unrealistic proportions for either human or mouse and yet it makes sense in the character of Mickey Mouse.

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Yeah, it’s a pretty big mess.
I’m not too great at humans.
Thanks for the critique, though! I really needed that.

but what about bonkles-

It looks pretty cool! What program did you use?


Krita! It’s pretty cool.

Yeah I know about it.

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when it comes to shading more organic things like skin, instead of getting a darker shade of the same color, try some darker colors that lean towards the opposite spectrum. For example, you’re doing this character that has a really expressive face, you might want to just use harsher shading to express that, but don’t go overboard on it, also you should try some rim-lighting that will also help give your character some 3D presence.

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Awesome, thanks for the tip!