Sombra thing

So i had an extened chemistry lessons, but sadly it was not anything that interesting (no KABOOM ;w;) so I drew Sombra

Well... its Creep...

Here he is:

I personaly think is kinnda bad... flushed


The King is displeased...

But hey, to be fair you're a better drawer than I am.

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I don't know, his slide sticks and his handle is a bit wobbly,
he's a good artist though.


To be fair, my hand is rarely wobbly

And yeah... it was first lesson of the day...

Well I like doing double-lines

Notherless, 2 of my better friends are much better at drawing, but each and single one of us is good at their style... and mine is still developing... yeah

uh, creep, you missed the joke.

he called you a drawer(like the thing you put things into), the proper term is artist.

[I usualy don't miss out on sarcastic jokes]

Ummm.. scratch everything Ive said! sweat_smile

Ding ding! Apparently "Drawer" is an correct form, tho Cartoonist would be the best



well that certainly doesn't sound correct.

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Yep, it does not

I meant draw-er. As in someone who draws. When it comes to art I'm clearly superior, it just depends on which kind... smirk

the right hand-his left- and the feet look especially good